Basic information about Egypt

Egypt, the land connecting southeast Africa to the Middle East, was established by the ancient Phoenicians around the year 3000 B.C. Egypt dates back to the era of the ancient Egyptian kings.

Millennia-old pyramids sit proudly along the Nile River Valley, from which the spectacular Pyramids of Giza are just one example.

The second-largest city, Cairo, holds many historical landmarks, including the grand and imposing Pyramids of King Ptolemy and his successors.

If you plan to visit Egypt this year, you need to decide when to go. Egypt has so much to offer for those who love traveling and have some extra money to spend. You can see a variety of cultural events during your trip to the Middle East.

monuments in the wall

During summer is the best time to travel to Egypt when you love warm temperatures. The weather is hot, and you can visit many archaeological sites. You can also experience the beauty of the sand dunes, the pyramids, the Sphinx, and the Mausoleum of Cleopatra.

You will get to visit several ancient monuments that date back to over thirty thousand years ago. Cairo is also a popular tourist destination. You can go on a tour with tour guides and learn about Cairo’s history and the architecture of the area.

When you prefer milder temperatures, visit Egypt between October and March. January is the coldest month, with an average high-temperature of 18.9°C.

Have a nice time in Sharm El Sheikh

The ancient city of Sharm El Sheikh is famous for its pyramids and ancient buildings. To the south, Luxor is a beautiful city that features museums and an ancient port. The desert and sandy beaches of Dahab and Sharm El Sheikh can also be visited by tourists interested in Egypt’s desert lifestyle.

The desert areas of Sharm El Sheikh and Sinai are also popular among holiday destinations.

Visitors to Sharm El Sheikh can enjoy a wide variety of natural and cultural attractions, including the Sinai Peninsula.

The most popular attractions include the Red Sea resorts of Hurghada and Dahab, which are popular because of their serene beaches, and the towns of Hurghada and el-Arish. These towns are popular because of their historical importance to the region.

Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt

In addition, tourists can also enjoy the rich flora and fauna of Sinai. There are several different historical sites in the area, including the ancient fort of Dokki and the Tell el-Rashid archaeological ruins.
The cities of Cairo and Alexandria are also great holiday destinations.

Cairo is home to the iconic Cairo Citadel, which houses the Egyptian parliament and many state buildings. Alexandria, on the other hand, has numerous tourist attractions, including the ancient Ptolemaic temple of Luxor and the beautiful Egyptian Museum.

There are also great shopping areas at Alexandria’s central district. Those interested in historical ruins in Egypt can visit the ancient cities of Khorsabad and Sheik Saman, located on the northern Sinai Peninsula. The town of Sheik Saad is one of Egypt’s best-known archaeological sites and is home to a major archaeological center.

E-visa to Egypt

If you are planning to spend your holiday in Egypt, the best option available to you is to book a package tour to Egypt. The package tour usually includes accommodation, flight ticket, a visa, car hire, and other travel-related expenses.

Let’s learn a few things about requirements on arrival to this beautiful country. If you want to travel to Egypt, the best option for you is to obtain an electronic visa. The whole system is based on an online application form, so a visit to the embassy is not required.

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You can apply online from your home. E-visa is an electronic document based on the data from your passport. It does not contain any stamps from other countries.

An e-visa is an electronic document that is connected with the passport used in the application. With the e-visa, tourists from all eligible countries can easily go to Egypt for a period of 30 days.

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